Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trusting in God

So, I've been wanting to tackle the subject of dating lately. I'm not sure why, it's just been on my mind.

I'm at a very good place right now. I'm over the past and looking forward to whatever my future may hold. In the past I had psychotic episodes where I would really start to worry about being alone forever, I even went so far as to be set up on a blind date. I think that was just all part of the healing process. I'm at a place now that I'm happy and content. I've settled into my new life, and it's going smoothly.

So now my mind has started to drift, once again, to my future. I would like to share my life with someone. I would also like a good male figure in my boys' lives. The problem is, I'm at a weird age for dating. I'm too old for those looking for a first wife, but not quite old enough for most in other various situations. I'm stuck here in the middle. I'm not actually looking for someone... but I will consider possibilities if they are presented. I'm wanting to have faith that the Lord will lead me in the right direction.

If I had to make a wish list of qualities I would like in someone, there would only be one thing on the whole list. I would want him to be Primitive Baptist. That's it. If I could have that one thing in a man, the rest is all workable.

Unfortuantely, the options in that area are slim in my age group. So, in the mean time I'm keeping an open mind. I have that teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that keeps saying things like "there are other good men out there.... there are men that would be willing to change to my religion.....dad wasn't a Primitive Baptist when mom married him..." etc. So, I'm not ruling out the option of a non-PB just yet. However, I may have to...

As of lately, the only interest I've recieved has been by a customer of mine who turned out to have a drinking problem, and my son's coach who turned out to be married. Don't worry, I've steered clear of them both, but I'm not faring so well here..... This is why I'm just about to rule out all but the Primitive Baptists. I start out thinking someone is nice, and then it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Is this really how the world is?

Well, if it is, then I'm better off alone anyway. I trust that if God sees fit for me to have another companion, then he will lead me in the right direction... at the right time.

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