Thursday, April 4, 2013

I have a lot to learn

Even though I've technically been an adult for over a decade, age is just a number. I feel like I've actually learned more about myself, and God, (and the world, unfortunately) the past few years then in all of my other years combined. I grew up thinking I knew right from wrong, and I did to an extent.... Church/Love/Faithfulness = Good... Murder/Lying/Cheating =bad..... easy peasy.

Yeah, right.

I'm learning there are so many other 'grey areas' of right and wrong that I'd never even thought about. I'm learning something new everyday. I learn what the good things are as well as the bad, and a lot of times I don't learn something is bad until I've already done it, or am caught in the middle of it. But I'm learning. So, if you see me do, or hear me say something amiss... don't worry. The Lord is working on me, and eventually I'll get it right.... or at least better, I hope.

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