Thursday, May 1, 2014

The lasts

It doesn't seem possible, but the boys and I have actually gotten to the time when we're starting to have our 'lasts'.

This past weekend was our last time to go to one of the churches in this area.

Tomorrow will be my last day at work.

I was even sad to have gone to my health food store for the last time. I go every two months, so I won't be going again. The next time I buy Ezekiel bread will be in Texas. It's surreal.

Every time I have a 'last' I get closer to where I want to be.

Before I know it, we'll be walking out of this house for the last time. Even though it seems like it's taken forever to get here, it really has happened very fast. But in a good way. I wouldn't have wanted it any different. In fact, if it hadn't been for our kids we would've gotten married months ago.

But the Lord knows what is best, and His timing is always right on the mark.

Every 'last' we have is a little bit of closure for this phase of our lives.

And every 'last' we have here will be replaced by all the 'firsts' we're going to have there.

Now that's exciting.