Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My favorite times

One of my favorite, most precious times is when David and I have long talks about how much the Lord has blessed us.  

Inevitably about once every week or so we will sit and talk, or go for a walk , and we'll get caught up in a long conversation about what we've both been through, how the Lord brought us together and the wonderful life we've been given.  We love to talk about our story, it's our favorite subject.  What a wonderful thing it is to be married to someone who is just as thankful that we have each other as I am. We never take for granted the second chance we've been given, and I pray we never do.  We give all the praise and glory to God.  

These are my thoughts this morning.  I have a couple of posts in the works about blending our families, so hopefully I'll finish them up soon.  
Till next time...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Riding in cars with boys

Sometimes I sit in awe, and wonder if this life I'm living is really happening.  

My life.  This is really my life.  

I'm sitting in our light blue SUV riding to church.  It's a little over an hours drive.  My older step sons are in the drivers and shotgun seats.  They are Godly men who, despite natural tendencies to falter, try to do the right thing according to the Lord.  However, right now the one is driving a little faster than I'm comfortable with on this two lane highway, but I trust that he knows the precious cargo he's toting.  

Beside me in the middle row of seats is my husband.  He's got his bible out making sure he has all his thoughts together for his sermon this morning.  I like to watch him look out the window and silently peach to the passing trees.  By his smile, I think they are getting it.  

And finally, in the row behind us are my two little boys.  I've never been more proud of those two little guys than I have been this year.  The way they've adjusted to all the changes completely amazes me.  However, the longer we are here, the more I'm starting to see areas that need attention when it comes to them, but I'm learning to adjust my time to suit their needs and everything is getting better.  

I never expected everything to be perfect, nor did I expect it to go this well.  The Lord is blessing us , and also helping us to see the areas that need improvement. Especially on my part.  The more settled we get, the higher our comfort level gets with one another.  It's a good thing and a not so good thing.  It's good that we are all more comfortable with telling one another the hard things that need said, but it also makes us freer with our words in a way that can cause friction.  Thankfully we all have the common goal of keeping peace in our home, so no conflict ever last more than a little while. Communication is key in this house.  Sometimes we may talk things to death, but it's better than the alternative.  

These are precious times right now, but they won't last.  In the next few years the older guys will be moving out and starting their lives, and then it will just be the four of us.  So for now I will enjoy things like riding to church.  It's the little things like that where our most precious memories are made.