Thursday, April 25, 2013

My thoughts

I wish staying positive was easier.

The beginning of the week is always a great time for me. I've just come off of my weekend, and I have the Lord fresh in my mind making everything better. It makes the world seem less daunting. But by Wednesday or Thursday the world starts to get to me. It starts to get under my skin and irritate me. I wish I didn't let it do that. I start out listening to my church singing, or at least something positive or instrumental... but by the end of the week I'm back to listening to the radio or my ipod, and the music on there doesn't have good messages at all. By Thursday or Friday everything seems to slide backward. My faith waivers, my hope fades, and I start to lose sight of the big picture.

I know it is a wondrful blessing for me to be able to have a career to support my boys, but I do believe that women are more suited for the home than at work. God designed us that way. I never thought I would ever say that, but it makes sense. I completely agree that we are the weaker sex... not in our physical strength, or even our intellectual strength. But emotionally. If I were able to stay at home with my boys, and only see about the affairs of my house, then my emotional and spiritual state would stay a lot stronger during the week.

I have a wonderful work place for the most part. My co-workers are my friends, and it's a job that I enjoy. But it's still out in the world. There is still 'water cooler' type talking, there is snipping and back-biting and other harmful talk. And I'm just as guilty as the next person. I also have to deal with customers and contractors that don't always have the best attitude. Not every situation is enough to bring me down, but when they add up all week it wears on me. Men are able to brush off a lot that is thrown at them during the day, but it's harder for women. We are still porcelain cups that break easily.... over and over.

I'm thankful there is a church meeting this weekend. My spirit will be renewed, and by Monday I will, Lord willing, be back up where I need to be.


  1. I agree that women are designed for different jobs than men, and you described the nature of our weakness exactly. I believe we are happier when we are doing the jobs we are more suited for when it is possible. But I also want to say that the devil doesn't leave us alone when we are home instead of in a worldly workplace. :) He just changes his tactics.

    1. You are definitely right. The devil will try to get us no matter where we are. I think I was just having a bad work week when I wrote this. :) Haha!