Friday, January 10, 2014

Help from above

I'm a worrier. Always have been, and unfortunately, probably always will be.

I can worry myself into a tizzy.

I wish I weren't this way, but I got it honest. I am the daughter of the chief of all worriers. My father. Thankfully, I believe the trait has lessened with my generation.

The opposite of worry is faith. When I find myself worrying I think about that, and then I usually get upset with myself... I always claim to have faith, but if I'm worrying, then it's obvious I'm lacking in the faith department.

This new year has already been met with a rather large speed bump... at least I thought it was large. I worried and worried and got myself all worked up, and "Voila!" The Lord delivered once again. The mountain that was before me turned out to be nothing more than a molehill by the time the Lord was finished with it. I wish my faith had been stronger. I felt in my heart things would work out, but that didn't stop me from feeding on the doubts I had.

My Pastor said this in a sermon I heard a year or so ago:

"If you're worrying about it, you're not praying about it. If you've prayed about it, there's no need to worry."

Simple as pie. Right?

These words help me a lot, however I still find myself worrying after I've prayed. So now I've started praying about my worrying. It has helped. The issues that used to plague my mind, are far less than they used to be. I'm so thankful for that.

The Lord continues to help me and bless my little existence, and there aren't enough prayers of thanks to even begin to cover it all.

I can already see another speed bump or two coming up over the horizon. I've started praying about them now, so that hopefully when they get here I will have more faith and less worry. I know everything will be ok. I trust the Lord will take care of me, as well as my speed bumps. Maybe if I start thanking God now, before they get here, I will somehow be able to get in enough thanks for all His help.

I think that sounds like a better use of my time than worrying, don't you?

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