Thursday, June 13, 2013

Second chances

There is a story in my family. It's about my grandparents.... and it's a true story.

It's amazing, and I love to tell it.

My Grandfather was married to a woman, and together they had my uncle. Sadly though, she passed away some time after he was born.

My Grandfather was a widower in his early twenties.

It is told that my Grandfather was sleeping one night, and in his dreams he saw the portrait of a beautiful young woman. Some time later he was walking down the main street of my hometown when he passed a photography studio, and in the window of the studio there was the portrait he had seen in his dream. It was the senior picture of my Grandmother.

My Grandfather went into the studio to inquire about the picture, and to hopefully find out who she was. In this day and age they would never have released that kind of information, but things were different back then. They obliged him with the information, and even told him where she worked. As it turned out she was working at the department store not too far away.

He went to her work, asked her out, and she said yes. They saw each other every night but one for the next six weeks. On the one night they didn't see each other my Grandmother went to break off a relationship she'd had with someone else. After six weeks my Grandfather asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

I've known this story my whole life, and just recently I started thinking about the second chance my Grandfather got. A second chance that turned out to be the best thing in his life. He and my Grandmother were together till his dying day. In fact, the day my Grandmother finally passed away was on his birthday. She had missed him so much for years, and was finally going to get to see him again.

I often wonder if the best thing in my life hasn't even happened yet. I'm getting a second chance like my Grandfather did.

Just the thought of what is to come gives me butterflies.


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    1. Thank you! It was my mother's parents, Jerry and Faye Newman.