Thursday, August 7, 2014

My happy place

We've now been married almost seven weeks, and quite honestly... it's been the happiest seven weeks of my life.

David and I have fallen into a groove that just flows. We work together so well, there is no problem too big. Neither of us gets bent out of shape very easily, we just go with the flow... knocking out the problems that come. Praying about each issue that rises, and thanking the Lord after the problem is resolved. We don't get irritated about each other's short comings, but instead, forgive and overlook them because we both know what true marital problems are. Dirty socks on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink aren't problems. Spouses who let things like that irritate them are causing unnecessary strife in their marriage. I don't get that, and it saddens me to hear them gripe. But that is a soap box for another day... I'm thinking about how much the Lord has blessed us. This kind of major change in a family should not be going this smoothly. Seriously. For things to be this easy is all the Lord. David and I are not capable of making things go this well. We are still both sinners that make mistakes and say the wrong things, but the Lord is blessing us and I'm thankful for it.

Our favorite part of each day is when he gets home from work. That moment he steps in the door at five o'clock is when the best part of our day begins. He's usually had a long day, so we just relax and take it easy. A little supper, a little TV or maybe a walk around the neighborhood. We usually end up staring into each others eyes debating over who loves who more. We hold each other and reflect on our days, and plan what is to come in the future - both near and far off. And finally before we drift off to sleep, we pray to thank the Lord for this wonderful gift we have been given to be together, and for the family we have been blessed to create.

So, here I am at the beginning of another day... My work is ahead of me, and I have a lot that needs to get done before five o'clock. So I guess I'd better get busy. He'll be home later today, and I'm already anticipating it. I'm ready to be back in my happy place, which is in his arms.

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